MySchool is a web-based secure and scalable card administration system that promotes efficiency and cost cuts. It is primarily designed for professional and semi-professional card distributors governmental agencies, benefit and bank card distributors, universities) who seek for full automatic card administration solutions.

MySchool is a flexible and comprehensive central database surrounded by a whole range of application modules that are supporting a number of functional requirements (payment account, library, messages, log-data, virtual card etc). MySchool open and flexible architecture makes it easy to integrate MySchool with other software solutions like banking systems, card producers, access control systems etc.

Open platform, flexible module system and steady development team secures constant updating and necessary modification of MySchool solutions and makes it easy to adapt the system for a particular environment. MySchool robust system helps any card distributor rapidly adapt to today’s evolving marketplace with customer-centric products and service that set the distributor ahead of its peers.

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